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Bakery Shortening Plant Exporters

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As a Bakery Shortening Plant Manufacturer, share with you.Bakery Shortening Plant.China Factory, Suppliers, Manufacturers.

Shortening is any fat that is solid at room temperature.Although butter is solid at room temperature and is frequently used in making pastry the term "shortening" seldom refers to butter but is more closely related to margarine.

What type of shortening do bakeries use?

Hydrogenated vegetable shortenings.Hydrogenated shortenings are the biggest group of fats used in the commercial baking industry.

Bakery shortening or Emulsifier-type shortening is hydrogenated shortening to which an emulsifying agent has been added. This gives the shortening exceptional ability to blend with other ingredients.

Bakery Shortening Plant Applications:

1. Short pastry/ Puff pastry

2. Biscuits

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