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Custard Cream Processing Line

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Custard cream is a commonly used baking fillings, it is not replaceable by other sauces due to its good stiffness and excellent baking resistance.

Let's first analyze the ingredients of a brand sauce with a large market share:  

Low poly maltose (sweet), water, sugar (sweet), whey protein, whey powder, whole milk powder, milk incense and silky taste), black locust bean gum (thickening), single lipid (emulsifier), potassium sorbate (preservative), beta - carotene (pigment), citric acid (flavor), oil (silky palate), hydroxypropyl starch phosphate ester (thickening).  From this we can see that the custard creasm, a sauce is a high water, high protein, starch thickened emulsion system.

In addition to potassium sorbate, there is no other antibacterial and anticorrosive formula in the whole product system. In addition, the product itself is also a high water and protein system, so the product is particularly important for sterilization and anticorrosion.  High temperature sterilization is essential in the processing process, as far as possible to reduce the process exposure to avoid bacteria after sterilization.  Low temperature refrigeration is also essential in the process of transportation and storage.  Note that: high temperature sterilization time can not be too long to prevent product discoloration.

Salad dressings and custard cream are commonly used in the baking industry and are often compared by manufacturers.  From the product system: custard cream belongs to starch gelatinization system, and custard cream belongs to oil-water emulsification system.  Due to its acidic environment, the salad dressing system itself has a certain antibacterial effect.  custard cream can only pay attention to sterilization and late cold storage during the production process, the system itself has no antibacterial ability.


In the gelatinization process, starch is easy to form a coking film on the heat exchange surface, which not only affects the heat transfer but also affects the quality of the product, so scraping and stirring is particularly important for the production of custard cream.  Considering the quality of material sterilization and microbial control, we recommend the use of continuous starch gelatinization system.  The configured slurry, under the push of the conveying pump through the continuous heating exchanger, high temperature maintenance tube, cooling heat exchanger, continuous process efficient starch gelatinization and sterilization process.

Custard Cream Processing Line

The scraper heat exchanger produced by Hebei Shipu has the following characteristics:  

  1. Heat exchange equipment in line with food hygiene standards.

  2. High heat transfer performance, is three to four times the performance of other heat exchanger, more homogeneous emulsification.

  3. Compact structure and wide application range;  Especially suitable for high viscosity, easy crystallization or easy to produce coking film, containing particles and other materials.

  4. Convenient cleaning, save cleaning time, improve work efficiency.  General heat exchange equipment in the work after a period of time to spend time to clean the heat exchange surface, and scraper heat exchanger with its unique scraper design, with the help of scraper agitation can timely clean the heat transfer surface, speed up the heat exchange performance, to solve the problems accumulated for many years in the heat exchanger industry.

  5. Good sealing performance, using mechanical seal in accordance with health standards, longer service life.

This product is used to assemble continuous star-sauce production system, stable product, high production efficiency.

Hebei Shipu can provide full set of custard cream making machine, shortening machine, margarine machine and vegetable ghee machine.

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