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Edible oil Full liquid type vegetable ghee processing machine

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The technology of our scraped surface heat exchanger(SSHE)/Votator is advanced in the world. It can be used specifically to process low to medium viscosity products, such as soups, sauces, ketchup, fruit purees, dressings, baby food and desserts as well as skin lotions, facial cream and shampoo, etc.


Our scraped surface heat exchanger/Votator can be manufactured in a variety of configurations and materials, so that each unit can be assembled to meet the specific processing requirement of each application and each product.

 Most of the product applications for fall into four major categories: 

1. Heating and cooling viscous products that would normally form a film on heat transfer surfaces.

2. Crystallization of products. 

3. Heating and cooling products containing discrete particles. 

4. Cooling liquids in which a change of state may be anticipated, such as in slush freezing.


1. provides higher transmission performance

2. uniform heat transfer

3. more economic and more efficient

4. For high temperature heating and low temperature cooling

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we are vegetable ghee processing line suppliers,we can guarantee quality.

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