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Pasteurizer Model SP-PHE Exporters

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As a Pasteurizer Model SP-PHE Manufacturer, share with you.

Use the most suitable plate heat exchanger pasteurizer,you can save a lot of energy in your home or industrial processes and meet your goals easily.

Pasteurization is a key process in the modern food and beverage industry. It’s not only for drink safety but also can optimize the flavour and taste of the material. plate heat exchanger design for pasteurization is highly efficient and reliable.

Pasteurizer Use:

Pasteurizer (Plate heat exchanger) is widely used for sterilization in the oil fat and milk processing industry, the materialbe heated up to 75-90 degree, and kept for a short time, about 15-16 seconds, it can kill the pathogenic bacteria.

Our company also has Pasteurizer Model SP-PHE on sale, welcome to contact us.We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you.

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