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Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Exporter

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As a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Manufacturer, share with you. Scraped surface heat exchangers keep heat transfer high and the heat transfer surface is constantly cleaned.

1. What is scraped surface heat exchanger made of and where can we see its different uses of?

2. scraped surface heat exchanger construction

3. The principle of the scraped surface heat exchanger.

4. scraped surface heat exchanger in the food industry

Scraped surface heat exchanger is made up of a jacketed cylinder with a spinning dasher that holds rows of scraper blades.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Use:

Scraped surface heat exchanger is widely used for heat transfer, crystallization, and other continuous processes in the dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. It is suitable for viscous, sticky, or particulate-containing materials that need some degree of crystallization.

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