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Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

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Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger. We are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of high quality Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger.

How does a scraped surface heat exchanger work?

In the scraped surface heat exchanger, spring loaded rotating blades scrape the surface and effectively remove liquid from it. Alternatively, the blades move against the heat transfer surface under the influence of the rotational forces.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Use:

  1. Scraped surface heat exchanger is widely used for heat transfer, crystallization, and other continuous processes in the dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

  2. It is suitable for viscous, sticky, or particulate-containing materials that need some degree of crystallization.

  3. Since these features characterize the vast majority of processed foods, the scraped surface heat exchanger is particularly well suited for pumpable food items.

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