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Votator® II Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

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Typical product applications Votator Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers can be employed in the continuous, closed processing of virtually any pumpable fluid or slurry involving: Food Votator Extra Heavy Duty Sauces Tomato Products The Votator name carries with it the reputation of durability that is unequaled. The Extra Heavy Duty Votator is capable of heating and cooling products with viscosities in the 1,000,000 centipoise range. 

heory of Operation Votator’s high efficiency and productivity results from a simple concept, heat or cool continuously moving product by providing a large heat transfer surface for a small amount of product in a confined space. Inside every Votator, a mutator shaft rotates within a tube. The product passes through an annulus formed by the shaft and heat transfer tube (light yellow). 


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