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Votator Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Exporters

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Buy low priced Votator Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger from Votator Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger factory, We provide good quality Votator Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger from China.

Votator Scraped surface heat exchanger systems can be furnished for various capacity requirements for bulk or bakery shortening, lard and margarine formulations for stick, tub, spreads etc.

What is a votator?

votator a brand name for a machine that cools and kneads liquid margarine etc., preparatory to packaging.

What is a votator heat exchanger?

  • Votator heat exchangers are mounted in a vertical orientation in the very compact system below, which likely processed 7,000 pounds per hour of lard or shortening using ammonia refrigeration.

  • For more than 80 years, Votator scraped surface heat exchangers have been replacing slow, inefficient batching operations with more uniform.

Hebei Shipu Machinery Techonology Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of Scraped surface heat exchanger, integrating design, manufacturing, technical support and after-sale service, devotes to providing one-stop service for Margarine production and service for customers in margarine, shortening, cosmetics, foodstuff, chemical industry and other industries.

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