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margarine processing technology

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Margarine refers to some of the grease applied to the table and some of the grease used for shortening. 

Due to the low price, the butter was gradually replaced in some places. In Europe and the United States, most of the margarine is made from hydrogenated or crystallized vegetable oil.we are provide margarine processing line,we can guarantee the quality of margarine processing line

The purpose of hydrogenation or crystallization is to make the vegetable oil have a proper application structure.

A small amount of animal fat can also be incorporated into vegetable oils. The selection and blending of fats and oils depends on market availability and price. Like butter, margarine must have a fat content of no less than 80%.

Since the oil content of natural oils is almost 100%, water (usually milk or whipped cream) is added to form a water-oil emulsion that meets the requirements, and its physical properties are basically the same as those of butter.

Soybean oil and cottonseed oil are refined and partially hydrogenated to achieve the desired consistency, so they are widely used to produce margarine.

This production line is the main equipment for producing grease products such as margarine, butter, shortening, Buddha lamp oil, etc., mainly by quenching machine, kneading machine, batching tank, emulsifying tank, filling machine, homogenizing machine, refrigeration unit, high pressure. Pump and other components.

Our team specializes in the development and promotion of grease processing equipment, and has been making unremitting efforts to improve the level of domestic oil processing. In the past 20 years, our products have become more mature and the performance has become more stable. Our products have spread all over the country and enjoy a high reputation in the domestic oil production field.

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