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A Distinguished Visitor Team To Our Factory

A Distinguished Visitor Team To Our Factory

We are very pleased to announce that this week a high-profile visit was held at our plant, with customers from France, Indonesia and Ethiopia visiting and signing contracts for shortening production lines. Here, we will show you the pomp of this historic moment!


Honorable inspection, witness strength

This visit is an important milestone in our sincere dialogue and close cooperation with our valued customers. As a valuable guest of our factory, you have personally visited our advanced production equipment and technical processes. Our professional team shows you our unique and excellent production processes, as well as the strict standards of product quality control. We are honored and proud of your recognition and trust in our processes and equipment.


Innovation and technology, leading the industry

Our margarine machine, shortening production lines, as well as equipment such as scraper heat exchangers (scraped surface heat exchanger or called votator), represent the most advanced and innovative technology in the industry. They bring unlimited potential to your production line in an efficient, precise and sustainable way. Our equipment uses the latest processes and automated control systems to ensure product stability and consistency, while increasing production efficiency and reducing energy consumption. We are confident that these devices will be a powerful partner to help you stand out in the market.


Quality first, create brilliant

We firmly believe that quality is the key to success. In every corner of the factory, we pay attention to every detail, the pursuit of excellent quality. From material selection to production process, from equipment commissioning to final delivery, we always maintain strict quality control standards. Whether it is testing and monitoring in the production process or professional support in after-sales service, we will always work with you to ensure your satisfaction and success.


Grateful feedback, share the future

This signing is not only a business cooperation, but also a new chapter for us to open together with you. We will provide you with lasting and reliable technical support and service to ensure the smooth operation and continuous creation of your production line.



Post time: Jun-09-2023