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Pastry Margarine Production By tubular Chiller 2

Importance of freezing for crystallization in oil and grease processing

The operating temperature of freezing has a great influence on the crystal structure of margarine.  Traditional drum quench machine can sharply and rapidly reduce the temperature of the product, so in the use of tubular quench processing machine production, people often mistakenly think that the effect of rapid refrigeration will be very good at the beginning, but in fact, it is not necessarily so. When the product is formulated with vegetable oil based on palm oil or palm oil extract, intense cooling at the outset will work well.  However, in butter – or cream-based products, excessive cooling of the emulsion at the first stage of unit A makes the final product too soft to be packaged in paper.  And if in the first stage of rapid cooling moderate refrigeration, to the last stage of rapid freezing, will achieve the best results.  Because the appropriate temperature of the final product is closely related to the melting point of the formula, at this point selective crystallization of the high melting point component occurs during the first stage of the fabrication process.

Tube refrigeration at the end of the production equipment is a special resting tube, its capacity is roughly equivalent to 15% of the production line output per hour, after resting tube in the outlet of a network, when the product through the crisp PiMa qi Lin products will get a final mechanical processing, it is very important to product of plastic machinery processing.  Other kinds of product formulations, using other kneading devices will have better results than using nets.

Product maturation and performance evaluation

Margarine products can be cured for several days directly in a cold room or in a tempering greenhouse.  Experience shows that for butter based formulations, it is necessary to adjust the temperature at the appropriate temperature, which will improve and enhance the performance of the product.  For vegetable oil formula products or pastry cream products, temperature adjustment is not important and has no effect on the final quality of the product.

The evaluation of margarine and ghee products is usually done by means of baking experiments.  The baking test of flaky margarine is evaluated by measuring the height of flaky margarine and the evenness of laminated structure.  The operability of margarine products is not just based on the plasticity of the product, nor can it be simply determined by kneading. Sometimes margarine’s initial evaluation is poor, but it shows good operability when baking.  The habits of professional bakers often influence how products are evaluated.

Post time: Dec-31-2021