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The Application of Scraper Heat Exchanger in Fruit Processing

The Application of Scraper Heat Exchanger in Fruit Processing

Scraper heat exchanger is widely used in fruit processing. It is an efficient heat exchange equipment, which is often used in fruit processing technology such as juice production line, jam production line and fruit and vegetable concentration. The following are some application scenarios of scraper heat exchangers in fruit processing:


Juice heating and cooling: Scraper heat exchangers can be used for the heating and cooling process of juice. In the juice production line, fresh fruit after cleaning, crushing and juicing, need to be heated sterilization or cooling fresh-keeping treatment. Heat exchanger through the flow of hot medium (such as steam or cold water) and the juice heat exchange, quickly complete the heating or cooling process, to ensure the quality and safety of the juice.

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Jam production: In jam production, scraper heat exchangers are used for the cooking and cooling of jam. The scraper heat exchanger can quickly heat the moisture in the jam to evaporate, improve production efficiency, and quickly cool the jam through the cooling process to maintain its taste and texture.

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Fruit and vegetable concentration: In the fruit and vegetable concentration process, the scraper heat exchanger is used to evaporate the water in the concentrated liquid. It can be in contact with the thermal medium to provide an efficient heat transfer surface and accelerate the evaporation of water, so as to achieve the purpose of fruit and vegetable concentration.

The main advantages of the scraper heat exchanger are high heat transfer efficiency, energy saving, small footprint and so on. In the fruit processing process, it can quickly complete the heating, cooling and concentration processes, improve production efficiency, maintain product quality, and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, the scraper heat exchanger has been widely used in the fruit processing industry.

Post time: Jul-10-2023