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Margarine Can Filling Machine China Manufacturer

Short Description:

This unit is developed for the need of metering and filling of high viscosity media. It is equipped with servo rotor metering pump for metering with the function of automatic material lifting and feeding, automatic metering and filling and automatic bag-making and packaging, and is also equipped with the memory function of 100 product specifications, the switchover of weight specification can be realized just by one-key stroke.

Suitable for margarine prodution, margarine making machine, margarine machine, shortening prodution line, shortening processing, vegetable ghee making, scraped surface heat exchanger, votator and ect.

  • Model: SPB-420/720
  • Brand: SP
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    Equipment Description

    Margarine Can Filling Machine China Manufacturer-2

    Can Filling Machine

    Margarine Can Filling Machine China Manufacturer-3

    Can Seamer

    Apply to all kinds of food, cosmetic, medicine, veterinary medicine, pesticide, lubricating oil industry product filling. Auto four filling heading line is designed for cream, lotion, ointment, viscous liquid etc.

    Filling head is equipped with special blowout preventer to prevent product dripping down.

    Auto controlled by PLC with human-machine interface, full closed filling, high measuring accuracy, big filling range, compact structure, smooth operation.

    Accurate level sensor, automatic filling materials, atmospheric fixed channel parameters, help you finish filling operation precise.

    Specially design of integral lifting mechanism and unique. Convenient adjust, can satisfy various specifications of the container. Different from the traditional way of lifting, pipe bending and prolong filling time too.

    Photoelectric sensor and pneumatic door control and lack of bottles, automatic protection.

    Pneumatic valves, efficient and safe. Each channel can be independent regulation and cleaning.

    It’s suitable for all kinds of rule shape bottle. Easy to clean, conveniently and speed quickly.

    Contact with filling material is 316L stainless steel. Other part is SUS304 and aluminum alloy.

    The main electrical components are imported, the machine beautiful and elegant, In accordance with GMP requirements.

    Technical Specification

    • Voltage: AC220 50HZ
    • Power: 3KW
    • Filling volume: 500-5000ML(Auto adjusted by touch screen )
    • Accuracy: ±0.5%
    • Speed: 0-50 bottles/min
    • Air source: 0.4~0.8MPa
    • Machine noise: ≤70dB
    • Leakage proof nozzle design is adopt the product leakage when filling.
    • Material: Contact with filling material part stainless steel 316L, the machine is 304 stainless steel and aluminum.
    • Machine size:2200×1000×2200mm)L*W*H
    • Weight: Around 680Kg

    Equipment Picture

    Can Filling Machine

    Margarine Can Filling Machine China Manufacturer-4

    Can Seamer

    Margarine Can Filling Machine China Manufacturer-5

    Electronics Configuration

    No. Name QTY Brand Country
    1 Frequency   converter 1PC Mitsubishi Japan
    2 PLC   control system 1PC Siemens Geman
    3 Touch   screen 1PC Siemens Geman
    4 Main   electric components 1PC Schneider French
    5 Master   cylinder 6Pcs AirTAC Taiwan
    6 Filling   nozzle lifting cylinder 6Pcs AirTAC Taiwan
    7 Pneumatic   element 1Pc AirTAC Taiwan
    8 Motor 1 TECO Taiwan
    9 Automatic   feeding pump suction 1Pc

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